Health Careers Essay

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Student Name: __Donte K. Cantrell___________________________ Date: ___June 30, 2012____________________________________ Career Experienced: _Physical Therapy Assistant________________ Individual interviewed:_ Clement Norris, PTA____________________ I. Upon completion of this field experience, the student should be able to: A. List the general duties of the specific health career. B. Describe the educational preparation and experience required to practice. C Describe a typical workday/work night for this health career. D. Describe the clients/patients served by the health professional. E. List personal and professional attributes needed for this specific health profession. F. List other job opportunities and workplace sites for this health care profession. G. Describe the job opportunities (now and in the future) and benefits for this career. H. Ask other questions of interest. II. Before interviewing your professional, be certain that you complete the following questions for yourself: (40 points, 10 points per question) A. Why am I interested in this health field? a. I am interested in the Physical Therapy Assistant field because one day I would like to work in this career field. I believe it is good fit for me because I am fascinated by the human body and its functions. I have played sports all of my childhood and some of my adult life. During these times I have witnessed individuals become injured as well as myself become injured too. At an early age I received therapy for injuries and that was very intriguing to me. Being in a Physical Therapy setting peeked my interest in wanting to work in that career field. I enjoyed watching the therapist develop specific exercises and activities to get the patients back or near their full potential. As I watched myself become healthy again from intense therapy for a knee injury I knew then that this

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