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Analysis of the Health Care Agenda of the Two Major Presidential Candidates Current Number of Uninsured Americans: 47 million (Andrews, 2008). Percent Change in Cost of Average Insurance Premium for FY 2007: 6.1 (Andrews, 2008). - Governing Rationale of Candidates’ Positions on Health Care Obama supports the current system of employer-sponsored health care but suggests that sweeping reforms need to be made to ensure that coverage is more comprehensive and more affordable for both workers and employees (Andrews, 2008). Obama favors a reimbursement system for employers, where the expenses for “for major medical costs” will be reduced “if they agree to plow the savings into reducing employee premiums” (Andrews, 2008). McCain favors…show more content…
The National Review reported this in March, noting that McCain believed that “Bringing costs under control is the only way to stop the erosion of affordable health insurance,” and that Obama felt that “the reason people don’t have health insurance is not because they don’t want it, it’s because they can’t afford it” (cited in Tanner, 2008; paras 3 – 4). McCain’s health care plan focuses on increased competition among health care companies to determine market performance. In addition to offering health care tax credits and encouraging individuals and families to purchase their own health care plans, McCain would permit purchasing insurance from out-of-state insurers. “The idea is that once people start to buy their own insurance, they’ll be in a position to insist on lower prices and higher quality - just as they do with every other product they buy” (Tanner, 2008; para…show more content…
Under the conditions of employer-sponsored care, the demographic criteria of individual persons working within a given organization are not addressed when coverage is issued, meaning that all persons are given access to health care except in circumstances where an employee’s health is a recognized issue. Obama supports a system in which guaranteed eligibility is offered for all candidates regardless of background or health status, as Obama has specifically addressed the need to provide fair and comprehensive coverage for persons with “recent and pre-existing conditions” (Lanier, 2008; para

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