Health Care Teamwork

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In an Australian based health care system, rarely does one health care professional solely work alone to provide complete care for a patient. A diverse team of professionals are often required to work together to ensure all aspects of treatment are addressed, this proving teamwork essential. The role of a health care team can range from a simple referral, to many professionals from different regions needing to collaborate to work towards providing the best possible care for an individual. This team needs to function productively to assure that care is best delivered, however many challenges can arise when trying to achieve this goal. The role of a nurse in a multidisciplinary team is diverse and incorporates many different requirements. Tasks…show more content…
Nurses are often part of very large teams that focus on addressing wellness and treatment. In a situation such as a hospital, there are many tasks and challenges that need to be addressed so that care is provided for patients. These tasks are carried out by many different professionals, These professionals all have their own scope of practice that they are required to work within, as do nurses. It is when aspects of treatment are not addressed by the appropriate person from this team, that others are found working outside their own scope of practice to ensure that treatment can be achieved. This is when communication is essential to ensure that individuals are not found working outside their qualifications or legal requirements. A nurse is often expected to take on the role chancellor for those experiencing hard ship, a mediator between families in order to achieve the best Corse of action, a communicator for those who find it hard to be understood, these are just some examples of the roles a nurse faces daily. Along with these a nurse must ensure they are not found directing rehabilitation such as physiotherapy, or thinking they can solve psychological problems as these roles are outside their scope of practice, and are best left for the appropriate people such as physiotherapist and

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