Health Care System Essay

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There is a growing awareness and acknowledgement of how people are living longer lives, and it is evidence of a societal maturing (Rosen, 2002). Humans are living longer; life expectancies have shifted from acute care to chronic care (Laureate Education, 2011). In the United States the population has changed dramatically along with the roles of women and children, even incomes have risen, humanity has declined, and of course technology has advanced. In the 1800’s women had 7 to 8 children and now lots of women have limited their babies to two, but some fertility seems to be higher in some groups than others. This decline started with the baby boomers between the years of 1946 and 1965. People is living longer and living off the younger generation. The old age dependency ratio will rise by more than 50% through the 2030s, and expected to continue after 2050. By people living longer, this will certainly increase costliness of Federal programs by 60 percent in the second half of the century. Federal expenditures expect to increase by 30 percent in 2075 (Lee & Edward, 2002). The aging of the population raises the number of working age people when the boundary age is 65. In this case, the elderly generation is living longer; the rates for birth are lower. In the 1900s people were dying due to many major health threats like infectious diseases that associated with poor hygiene and poor sanitation, poor nutrition, poor maternal and infant health and unsafe working condition or hazardous occupation. Today with vaccination, antibiotics, and interventions like health education program has had an impact on disease; however with the decrease of these diseases and people living longer the chronic diseases like cardiovascular and cancer has increased. Today there is great focus on public health research and programs shifts to address the effect of chronic disease on the

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