Health Care Support Essay

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Abstract There are plenty of health care support services for people in need of assistance. They are dedicated in helping others regarding their health, finding ways to improve or maintain their lifestyle to live a healthy and more rewarding life. The author of this paper will discuss the role of a primary care physician, the demographics of those primary care physician’s serve, the types of services they offer and the reason why the author chose this type of service. Pediatricians, general and family practitioners are often called primary care physicians since they are the first health care professionals patients go to when they are in need of professional help and consult. A primary care physician’s responsibility is to provide the optimum care for the patient. They are physically trained to provide patient’s care depending of the type of services needed. Patients consult with their primary care physician as an entry point to see the type of services needed or if any other services may be rendered during their visit. A primary care physician’s role is to care for the patients and diagnose any problems the patient may be experiencing; making sure the patient’s health is at its best. “Many health maintenance organizations position PCPs as “gatekeepers”, who regulate access to more costly procedures or specialists. Ideally, the primary care physician acts on behalf of the patient to collaborate with referral specialists, coordinate the care given by varied organizations such as hospitals or rehabilitation clinics, act as a comprehensive repository for the patient's records, and provide long-term management of chronic conditions.” (Wikipedia, 2011). Primary care physicians continue to serve patients throughout their medical condition and monitor treatments that were obtained by the physician. Primary care physician’s demand is expected to
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