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Health Care Spending Kimberly Walton HCS 440 November 11, 2013 John Branner Health Care Spending United States citizens are facing a challenge in dealing with the increase of cost in health care. Another struggle is the ability to pay for health insurance to help cover the cost of health care. Low income individuals and families are turning to government funded health insurance companies such as Medicaid and Medicare to assist with expenses. Systems such as the Commonwealth Fund Commission on a high Performance Health Systems are coming up with solutions such as a reform act to help lower costs. (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013). The Gross Domestic Product has increased tremendously in the past 50 years. The GDP has increased 4 percent since 2000. Currently the GDP is at 18 percent and in the year of 2000 the GDP was 14 percent. (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013). Studies show that in 1960 the GDP was only at 5 percent. (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013). If nothing is done about the increase expenses and cost in health care the GDP is expected to climb to 21 percent by the year of 2023. Although more and more money is being spent in the United States Americans are said not to be the healthiest individuals. The death rate is climbing and individuals are not living a long healthy life. There is an increase even in infants death rate. According to the Commonweatlh Fund website it states that on an average the United States is spending at least twice as much on health care per capita. (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013) The website also states that the United States is spending 50 percent more as a share of GDP. (The Commonwealth Fund, 2013). These rates are compared to other nations. The purpose of the Commonwealth Fund Commission is to establish a High Performance Health System. The High Performance Health System is designed to hold the future growth in total spending. (The

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