Health Care Spending Essay

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Health Care Spending Katherine Phillips HCS/440 November 14, 2011 V. Lynn Waters Health Care Spending In the history of health care spending the growth of expenditures has plagued the American citizens for several years. The United States health care expenditures exceeded 2.3 trillion by 2008. These expenditure growths for the American people were more than three times the amount in 1990, which consisted of $714 billion. Ten years prior to 1990 the health care expenditures was at $253 billion, which illustrates how rapidly health care spending has grown in the United States (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2010). In this paper the reader is presented with the current levels of the United States health care expeditures, and given an explanation of whether the spending is too expensive or not expensive enough. The audience will also be provided with a description on how the public’s health care needs are compensated for while signifying the percent of total expenditures they represent. This paper will also provide the reader with a forecast on the future economic needs of the health care system, and elaborate on why these needs must be addressed and what financing should take place. The Current National Health Care Expenditures The level of the current national health care expenditures is transpiring rapidly, which causes constant worry for the American families unite the workforce division, and America’s governmental budgets. Health care expenses have out grown inflation and the income that the American people work so hard to receive. The 16% of the population gross domestic product has taken first place in the computerized nations, and the financial downward spiral has placed a burden on the sources that financially support the health care systems. Medicare and Medicaid, which is made available by the government, have taken a sizeable

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