Health Care Rights Essay

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Questioning the Universal Right to Healthcare Universal healthcare has been on the forefront of media coverage in recent years. However, the concept of behind the debate has been around for many generations. This debate is based on the question as to whether healthcare is a right or a privilege. Additionally, it has been questioned as to who is responsible to provide this healthcare if it is in fact a right of all humanity to have access to medical services and health insurance. This issue has plagued political party platforms as many citizens want to claim social responsibility but few individuals are willing to accept financial responsibility. This is the same as with many aspects of society that people feel everyone has the right to as long as that right does not inconvenience anyone else. Then there are other individuals who feel that people have the right to healthcare merely as an entitlement regardless of who it costs. Finally, there are those who feel that healthcare is a privilege that each individual is solely responsible for obtaining for themselves and their families. However, healthcare is more than a right or a privilege. It is a basic necessity in order to maintain life and by default the continuity of mankind. Therefore, through evaluating and, where necessary, negating each of these opinions, it will become clear that the only way to protect the human race is through the implementation of a universal healthcare program. Before analyzing the groups of opinions, the concept of universal must be defined as it has been presented to the United States of America. Universal is a concept that means everyone in the universe or the area of concern should benefit from the scenario at hand. Instead of individuals who already have insurance thinking that the universal healthcare system would not benefit them or their families, they “should begin to see
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