Health Care Right or Privilege

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Healthcare: Right or Privilege? Soc 120 Intro to Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor April 15, 2013 Millions of Americans people are uninsured or underinsured. The health care of people in different socioeconomic strata is unequal. The ones living in poverty have the worst health status. Important factors for people to obtain healthcare access are education, income, employment, and race. Due to all these factors people lack of appropriate healthcare access. In the search for a solution to solve the issue to provide American population with healthcare, we inquest, should healthcare be considered a privilege, or a right? In this paper I examined the healthcare access issue from the perspective of relativists and utilitarians. Kant and his view of the force of morality expressed that the existence of humans is not for their use only as a means to accomplish a task. That we should not be treated as things, and it must be recognized that all individuals have an absolute worth. Therefore humanity should always be treated as an end, never as a means. This statement is referred as the Formula of Humanity. In the Formula of Humanity, Kant explains that society depends in the interactions between people to serve each other's interests, therefore everyone has worth. With the Formula of Humanity we can establish from morality that human beings our natural bodies have an absolute worth. This statement helps us prove that healthcare access for all people will be a persistent moral and politico-economic issue. In the social aspect we need preservation of life to continue human interaction and in the economical view we need taxpayers and workers to afford its cost. In Hobbes' laws of nature is concluded that a covenant exists between members of a society to provide security or well being for one another. Furthermore, since the general public are the government,
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