Health Care Research Essay

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Health Care Research MHA614: Policy Formation & Leadership in Health Organizations Introduction Health Care Research focuses on understanding the needs, expectations and desires of people – physicians, support staff and employees, patients and members – and the ways in which culture, systems and rituals can be better aligned among them in order to maximize desired outcomes. Health care research can be sought through the analysis and synthesis of multiple types of data, including quantitative surveys, in-depth interviewing (utilizing approaches that range from text analysis to metaphorical projective techniques), secondary data analysis, and mining of internally housed data such as the new wealth of information contained in electronic health records. Health care research to me is very important to me as a healthcare leader it allows us to continue to come up with innovative ways to meet our patients needs. As a Insurance Verification Specialist with Novant Health the feedback giving from surveys, evaluations on how to better assistant the needs of our patients with the use of Medical Records. Our Patients have found it easier to access their information through our online portal called I-Connect. Patients can receive test results, medical exam information and insurance information. One of the most importantly patients can leave feedback at anytime. This system allows our workflow to run effetely. Clinical documentation improvement programs are becoming more of basic necessities for medical institutions than experimental tasks to increase reimbursement. As major payers expand initiatives to modify the payment system, the accuracy and specificity of medical records became more crucial. There is a need for quality evaluation and improvement task to identify the areas that require improvements and corrections which is why a

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