Health Care Reform and Ama Essay

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Holly Jackson HLT April 14, 2013 American Medical Association and the Health Care Reform American Medical Association supported the public insurance option and the expansion of Medicare. Also, the American Medical Association opposed Medicare expansions and proposed coverage of the uninsured primarily through private means. When the doctors and physicians were asked to respond to a survey they indicated their support for the public insurance option or expansion of health insurance through private means, and their support for a proposal that would allow adults 55- 64 years of age to buy into Medicare. “The pending bill isn’t perfect, but we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” American Medical Association J. James Rohack, MD, said at a press conference. The Association went through stages of support and ensured that they were doing what they should to support the right decision and the right side of the reform to better serve the people of America. Here I have given some aspects of how they have weighed out what the good and the bad were and why they took the position to support. The American Medical Association was pleased and is pleased that millions of Americans can look forward to the coverage they need to get healthy and stay healthy. The decision to support has already benefited millions of Americans for wellness care and prevention. Funding can be given for research on the effectiveness of drug and the treatments given. American Medical Association: Supreme Court Decision protects much needed health insurance coverage for millions of Americans. American Medical Association took this position as a commitment to working on behalf of the America’s physicians and patients to ensure the law continues to be implemented in the ways that support better health outcomes and also offer better incentives for the nation’s health care system. There are so

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