Health Care Persuasive Speech

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I want you all to picture a little boy and girl growing up with a disease that they were born with, unable to control. The children must suffer each day without medication and without ways to help ease the pain and suffering. The children must stay at home, unable to play with friends, be successful in school, or even experience a normal childhood. The reason for these issues is that the children cannot see a doctor because their parents cannot afford healthcare. The health care issue is spiraling out of control in the United States. There yet again is not enough money, especially for children of low-income families. The most recent debate has been about the new children’s health care bill that was recently vetoed by Bush, reexamined and revised; now waiting for yet another chance to be approved. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) is a national program in the United States that provides health insurance for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicare, yet cannot afford to buy private insurance. This bill will add $35 billion to SCHIP to insure more children. What if you or someone close to you could not provide healthcare for a child because a lack of money? And how can we fix it? I am stressing that you, the audience, to listen to my…show more content…
Bush and fellow Republicans felt the plan was too expensive and only offered to raise SCHIP by 5 million dollars. Nacie Pelosie, speaker of the house, told the public, “is bush the decider of your child’s health, is it him who goes to the family and says “your child is out?”On October 3rd the American people took time off work to rally in order to let Bush know that health insurance for children is needed A Baltimore resident who rallied said, "We wanted to let President Bush know we are real people. He said there would be no child left behind. Well, we're getting left behind unless he continues

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