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Health Care Museum Essay

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  • on October 7, 2013
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Health care museum
The pulse oximetry is a cheap device that monitor oxygenation. It monitors the percentage of haemoglobin that is oxygen-saturated. Oxygen saturation should be around ninety – five percent. The oximetry is a very small hand held device that can also be attached to the medical devices in the doctor’s office Oximeters use the principles of spectropotometry. The two oximetry are red. The red lights travel through five to ten mm of the tissues at the finger tips. The pulse oximeter is good for people with asthma because it helps them to keep their respiratory system under control. The thermometer is a device that measures temperature. The thermometer has a glass that has very important and sensible sensors. This is one of the oldest medical devices that started to save lives on different plants in our universe. It is different types of thermometers some are meant to be put under the arms or in the mouth or in the rectal. It is important because it can detect fevers in every human no matter what size. The thermometer can detect fever so that the human may not have long term illness from the fever. Long term illness is like rotten teethes and the person may even go into a comma. The radiation therapy is very important to cancer patients. The machine penetrates waves through the body to kill cancerous cells. It uses x-rays, gamma rays ,proton ray ,or neutron waves to keep the cancerous cells from producing The radiation saves plenty of people lives because the cancerous cells grows rapidly in the body. The radiation therapy machine can slow down the process or in some cases makes the person a cancer survivor. This machine saved my mother life from skin cancer and my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor going on twenty-five years. The electrocardiogram can also be called a ekg or ecg. It is a painless test that shows human on a computer screen how the heart works and beats. This machine is extremely to people with heart problems. If the lines on the...

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