Health Care Marketing Analysis: Chronic Illness

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Health Care Marketing Analysis Andrea Van Hoever HCS/539 3/3/2014 Andrea Linder Health Care Marketing Analysis A successful business depends on many thing. Many marketers believe it is the best product, at the best price, in the right place, at the right time with the right promotion are all important to a successful business (Mindtools, 1960). First the business needs to have the best product or service that the consumer want or needs. The needs of the consumer has to take precedence in this consideration if the business is going to be successful in sell the product. It should be a service or product that no one else can give, uniqueness adds to the desire. Something the consumer cannot live without. Second is the area or…show more content…
With patients now traveling across the country to seek the service of a particular doctor it is important to actually market the doctors or services provided within the facility. To many hospitals, marketing is a new process that did not have to be considered in the past. They relied on the general practitioners to bring their patients for procedures such as MRI's and CT scans. There was not much competition. With mobile MRI's scanners and standalone facilities that provide these services this is no longer true. Hospitals and clinics now have the need to market their talents. Some hospitals may find the need to adapt their services to provide the community they serve. Performing marketing research in the facilities community will assist in providing the needed information to improve the services that are provided as well as the bottom…show more content…
Hospitals now have more competition than they have in the past. The culture and beliefs of the surrounding communities continue to change as well as what is seen as important in regards to care that is needed. As the health care reform takes effect more and more changes will need to be made as the government may dictate the services that can be given. For these reasons, it not only be important to have a successful marketing plan but also a strong marketing staff to maintain the changes that will be needed in marketing as the progression of these changes continue to affect our

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