Health Care Marketing Analysis

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Health care marketing analysis Scottish Rite children's hospital Tammy Paramore HCS/539 August 19, 2013 Andrea Linder Health care marketing analysis Scottish Rite children's hospital In 1998, Egleston Children's health care, Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital, and Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center came together to form Children's Health Care of Atlanta, one of the largest health care systems in the country. The new health care system has a singular priority: Family centered care for sick and disabled children. According to Our History (2013) Scottish Rite Children's Medical Center (SRCMC) opened its doors in 1913 as Scottish Rite Convalescent Home for Crippled Children, after Doctor Hoke cured Mrs. Wardlaw nephew of a serious bone infection. Mrs. Wardlaw recruited the help of the Scottish Rite Masons to underwrite a hospital to care for children after surgery, and in appreciation for their philanthropic work and the undaunting services Mrs. Wardlaw incorporated the Scottish Rite name into the hospitals name. The Hospital began with a 10-bed facility located in Decatur, Georgia, included two rented cottages that gave indigent, crippled children a place to recover at no cost to their families. Today SRMC with more than 1,700 physicians and a facility that covers three-city blocks and is expected to provide services to 346,000 children this year. SRMC is a teaching facility for medical students and nursing students, working in conjunction with Emory University this assists the Hospital to remain among the top hospitals in children's health care research. In addition, thanks to the philanthropic works of the Scottish Rite Masons, no child has ever be turned away because the families inability to pay. The four P's Product, promotion, price,

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