Health Care Marketing Analysis

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Health Care Marketing Analysis On November 1, 2011 Bon Secours Virginia is set to open the St. Francis Watkins Centre in Chesterfield, Virginia. Marketing for the new facility consists of commercials, billboards, and large posters in their current facilities; allowing consumers to obtain information on the available services and the exact location of the facility. The center also affords current practicing physicians the opportunity to expand their customer base. Finally, the center will assist Bon Secours in reaching more of its target market in an up-and-coming area. The Four P’s According to Berkowitz, “an organization must develop a product, determine the price customers are willing to pay, identify what place is most convenient for customers to purchase the product or access the service, and finally, promote the product to customers to let them know it is available” (Berkowitz, 2006, p. 4). Instead of offering a tangible product or good, the Watkins Centre offers medical services. The services offered by St. Francis Watkins Centre include: • A freestanding 24/7 emergency department • Diagnostic imaging including MRI, CT and X-Ray • 100,000 square foot physician medical office buildings • Breast Center • Laboratory • Physical therapy and sports medicine services (Bon Secours Virginia, 2011) Another service offered by the center is convenience. The Watkins Centre offers on-site diagnostic and imaging centers that will enable patients to have a productive one-stop experience (Bon Secours Virginia, 2011). The center will also provide faster results from tests and easier referrals to St. Francis Medical Center. Pricing for services available at the center is not available. Many patients seen will have insurance or other forms of payment. If not, Bon Secours offers a Care Card charity program to assist uninsured patients with their bill. If

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