Health Care In Cuba

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Healthcare has become a huge problem for Cuba in today’s society. Many people do not understand the troubles that Cubans are going through. Medicine deliveries are extremely important. Medicine is always in short supply and is too expensive for Cubans to afford on their own. Cuba has many good doctors but due to the Embargo Act there is a lack of medicine. The Embargo Act is keeping Cuba from having means to a healthy society. To supplement for the medicine they can’t get over to their country they make home made medicines from medical plants they grow all over the cities. Many elements of the health care system in Cuba is exporting around the world are common-sense practices. Everyone has access to doctors, nurses, specialists, and medications. There is a doctor and nurse team in every neighborhood, although somewhat fewer now, with twenty-nine thousand medical professionals serving out of the country which is causing some complaints. Cuba's economy is in disarray as a direct result of its government's continued adherence to a discredited communist economic model. This decline has directly affected the health of ordinary Cubans. Lack of chlorinated water, poor nutrition, deteriorating housing, and generally unsanitary conditions have increased the number of cases of infectious diseases, especially in urban areas like Havana. The major economic problems in Cuba were exacerbated by the demise of the Soviet Union and the ending of the five-billion dollar subsidies that the U.S.S.R. gave annually to the Castro government. Cuba made significant advances in the quality of health care available to average citizens as a result of these subsidies. The end of Soviet subsidies forced Cuba to face the real costs of its health care system. Unwilling to adopt the economic changes necessary to reform its dysfunctional economy, the Castro government quickly faced a large

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