Assignment: Understand Approach To Managing Pain And Discomfort

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Unit 4222-212 Provide support to manage pain and discomfort (hsc 2003) Outcome 1 Understand approaches to managing pain and discomfort. 1. Explain the importance of holistic approuch to managing pain and discomfort. Using a holistic approach is important because it gets to the root of the problem and the reason your having pain to begin with or Pain may be coming from another part of the body and when you try to find out where the pain originates from this can help you to decide the best way to treat it. When you know the cause and you can resolve the problem more accurately and Pain maybe emotional pain if they are concerned about something or it may also be due to anxiety or you worry about what may happen to them. 2. Describe diffrent…show more content…
Outline agreed ways of working that relate to mansagging pain and discomfort are as follows: 1.Homes policies for pain management 2. Prescribed medication from your GP 3.Homely remedies 4.Practical measures from Health care assistance like changing positions of individuals Outcome 2 Be able to assist in minimising individuals pain or discomfort. 1. Describe how pain and discomfort may effect a indeviduals welbeing and communication. Pain can effect individuals communication so it is therefore important to observe their behaviour for signs of pain. The individual may become distressed and agitated and they may shout out to communicate. 2. Encourage an individual to express feelings of discomfort or pain. You can encourage someone to express feelings of discomfort or pain by making sure they know that they are safe around you and that you are a safe person to talk to and then slowly asking them. 3.Encourage an individual to use self-help methods of pain control. 4. Assist an individual to be positioned safely and comfortably. You assist individuals to be positioned safely comfortable and in accordance with their plan of care. 5. Carry out agreed measures to alleviate pain and

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