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Concord Bookshop Paper Deidre Johnson HCS/587 May 12, 2014 Debra Kent Concord Bookshop Paper Organizational change is an endless process. Understanding how to purpose, introduce, and effectively implement change is determine on several factors. The three stages of Lewin’s Force Field Model: Unfreezing, Change or Transition, and Refreezing enable the change process to assume its position. (Borkowski, 2010). Employing these stages of change can be introduced, consider, and finally implemented with success. For any organization to go forward and become even more successful, change has to be an endlessly process. This paper will provide a short review of the stages pertained to organizational change as well as investigating the organizational change process which was not implemented in the Concord Bookshop difference, will be conducted. Lewin’s Stages of Organizational Change Unfreezing according to Borkowski (2005), is the most essential step in the theory. Demonstrating motivation to change regards unfreezing. The results from the driving and restraining influence come into performance at this stage. The driving influence must outweigh the restraining influence in order for an adequate amount of motivation to assume its position. Only establishing a driving influence is not an adequate amount to cause a shift within the equilibrium of the perceived change. Any immature unilateral or tyrannical increased within the driving influence will be confronted equal and opposite increase in the rejecting influence. Although change concerns not just acquiring something new, however, it also concerns discarding something that is present and integrated within the personality and social relation of the individual, no change changes will every occur unless there is a motivation for change. This model regards the abstraction for change to occur. Change or

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