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In an article by Henderson et al,1 they mentioned about the rising concept of the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) for chronically-diseased patients. The goal of PCMH is "to provide patients a place where they can see the same, trusted primary care provider ad health care team, including a care coordinator, who is typically a nurse."1 This concept is the opposite of the traditional way which is directed toward the treatment of the acute illnesses. The new approach is believed to improve health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease costs.1 The PCMH health care team is led by the patient's primary care provider and should include a care coordinator who is mostly a nurse, as well as pharmacist, physical therapist, mental health care provider, nutritionist, and social worker. All team members should have the ability to work on an interdisciplinary team, provide patient-centered care, and follow evidence-based practice.1 The care coordinator in PCMH is mostly nurses because they have the required skills and knowledge to do this job as well as the ability of multi-tasking. Nurses are usually involved in several care coordination services such as preventive care, education, and finding community support and services.1 As a care coordinator, the nurse should collaborates with the patient and the rest of the team, recommends changes to the care plan, coordinates when outside provider and facility is required, gain needed resources, remove barriers that interfere with the fulfillment of the care goals, such as lack of transportation or inadequate housing.1 The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 reshaped the primary care system by funding the development of care approaches, such as PCMHs. The ACA offers incentives and resources for nurses to be recognized and paid for their efforts.1 Previous systems for

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