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The American health care system is one of the most advanced systems of the world. With constantly changing practices and breakthroughs in medical technology being made every day, the American health care system has been able to extend the life expectancy of its citizens and lower the infant mortality rate substantially therefore improving the quality of life of Americans across the board. Medical breakthroughs have led to the eradication of many diseases and have helped to further the life of those individuals plagued with diseases that a few years ago, would have killed them. Despite its advances, the system has been highly criticized and is being impacted by a variety of problems. Some of these problems include health insurance issues, preventing illness, and AIDS. Critics maintain that although our system of health care is one of the most advanced in the world, it is only effective for those individuals that can afford the care. Most people in the United States pay for their health services through some form of insurance, however there is a huge part of the population that is uninsured or underinsured and prevents these people from seeking the type of treatment they may need. The US has both private and public forms of health care, and patients can be and are treated radically different based on the type of insurance they possess. The care that the lower classes receive is inferior to the care that the upper classes receive. This serves to further divide the classes, create a sense of elitism, and create a sense of resentment towards the medical community from those who are unable to afford premium care. Preventing illness may not sound like an issue, however, our dependence and belief in specific medical interventions being the only alternative to certain issues has led to a rise in cesarean sections, coronary bypass surgeries, and hysterectomies. The rise

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