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research in practice Parental drug misuse – a review of impact and intervention studies by Jo Tunnard Parental drug misuse – a review of impact and intervention studies by Jo Tunnard research in practice w w w . r i p . o r g . u k This pamphlet is provided free of charge to our Partners and Members and is also available to them in full on the Partners’ and Members’ pages of our website Others may purchase copies (£5 including p&p) through our website or our Dartington office. This series is an example of a wider range of activities that together support the adoption and implementation of research findings. More information about research in practice can be found on the cover and on the website. Published 2002 isbn 0-9542562-0-4 © research in practice Other titles in the series: The Education of Children in Need: a research overview Ruth Sinclair, 1998 isbn 0-9541834-3-6 Children and Domestic Violence: a research overview of the impact on children Catherine Humphreys and Audrey Mullender, 2000 isbn 0-9541834-2-8 Commissioning and managing external research: a guide for child care agencies edited by Jo Tunnard, 2001 isbn 0-9541834-1-x Parental problem drinking and its impact on children Jo Tunnard, 2002 isbn 0-9541834-0-1 3 about this pamphlet One of the main ambitions of research in practice is to make it easier for local authorities and voluntary organisations to access reliable research, distilled and translated with a particular audience in mind. This series of occasional pamphlets covers key practice areas, identified by practitioners, and key research strategy issues, identified by planners and policy makers. The work and methods of research in practice chime well with the developing national agenda to build more effective, comparable services for children, in part by creating and using reliable research

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