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1. Describe the differences between nonprofit and for-profit hospitals. The general belief or theory is that nonprofit hospitals do a better job of focusing on their people; that is, they provide better quality of care. On the other hand, for-profit hospitals are more business oriented; more emphasis is placed on cost and operating efficiency than nonprofit hospital does. I believe this is a significant difference because while staff members in a nonprofit hospital may see themselves as caregivers, staff members in for-profit may seemingly see themselves as cogs in a production wheel. The mission and purpose for these two types of hospitals is also a very important and makes a significant difference. Financial pressures have forced all hospitals to focus on costs and operating efficiency, blurring the line between money and mission. Still, nonprofit employees believe more strongly that their organization's mission makes them feel that their jobs are important. It seems that the mission of care delivery tends to be more prominent in nonprofit hospitals. Hence, it may be safe to say that nonprofit hospitals do a better job than for-profit hospitals of making their staff feel that their contributions are valued and meaningful. Lastly, another difference would be in the area of materials and equipments needed to do the work right. With a focus on operating efficiency, for-profit hospitals frequently operate with lower staffing ratios (Woolhandler & Himmelstein, 2004). These lower ratios often lead to higher staff member productivity, which may explain the lack of difference between patient satisfaction scores between for-profit and nonprofit hospitals. To conclude, a common criticism of for-profit hospitals has been that they focus on operating efficiency at the expense of quality of care. And in fact, the responses to individual employee engagement questions

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