Health Campaign Iii Essay

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The Beat Goes On……. Prevention is the key to avoid heart disease and one’s chance of a stroke. Heart disease and stroke account for billions of dollars each year and these are conditions that can be prevented. The leading cause of death in the United States is heart disease and the third leading is stroke for both genders. Early education in what modifiable risk factors are for heart disease and stroke are crucial. Early education could prevent potentially devastating complications of chronic heart disease and stroke. Heart disease and stroke does not discriminate against age, race, ethnicity, sex or income. It can happen to anyone. “Every 29 seconds, someone will suffer a coronary event in the United States and every 60 seconds, someone will die from such an event” (A Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke, n.d.). In this presentation, social, economic and cultural factors will be discussed, recommendations will be made to assess the health and wellness of the target population, challenges to improve the targeted population and data models that can be used to make decisions and anticipate future trends. The goal of any health campaign should be to eliminate disparities in the target population. The targeted population for heart disease and stroke are those who have modifiable risk factors which are: high blood pressure, smokers, diabetics, those who are obese and those who are physically inactive. Social factors can be changed by the individual to reduce the incidence of CVD or stroke. Several recommendations of modifiable risk factors are: avoid tobacco use, alcohol, refined sugar and salt should be limited, maintain a healthy weight by exercising and making healthy food choices, maintain and establish healthy relationships, find ways to manage stress and get adequate sleep. Cultural, economic and environmental factors can

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