Health Assessment Essay

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Dirisdelia Caceres Dawn Day April 7, 2014 Health Promotion Health is defined as the process where people or communities enabling control their health, goes beyond preventing physical, mentally and social well-being, not just the absence of disease. Our concept in health is to removed negatives influences based in education, planning activities to promote health and change people`s mind. Planning and monitoring activity we as a professional can adjust their behavior to changing environmental conditions to change behaviors. Communication is essential and fundamental so they can be part of the care plan working with people to promote health in many different situations. Providing health education and advised about healthy life, (telling someone why they can change to protect their health). Health is the ability to perform social roles without any pain or symptoms. Optimal health is a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health. According to Wilson V., Andrew., and Wilson L., (2012). “In it`s most simple definition, health promotion is the process of facilitating individuals, groups and communities control of their health”. Promotion can include medical services that aim to prevent ill health such family planning and preventing health services nursing practice to benefit the community or groups developing local health enhancing facilities and services. Nursing has: primary, secondary and tertiary health promotion and prevention. Primary prevention focus on changes behavior to prevent illness, general health promotion, risk factor reduction. Programs and education is creating to provide healthy lifestyle. Example in primary prevention will be immunizations against disease, improving sanitation establishing healthy communities. Secondary occurs after the patient been diagnosis with a disease and seek to reverse its

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