Health As a Human Right Essay

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Health Should Be A Human Right Health should be viewed as a human right. We focus in American society on the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We do not really think enough about what that means. We focus on freedoms of property ownership, speech, religion, due process, and other freedoms granted by the Bill of Rights. We somehow leave health and nutrition behind. We live in a society where we want it now. Unfortunately things that affect health are more long-term type things. It may take years for contributing factors to hurt someone’s health. It can take years of an improper diet to lead to diabetes and things of that nature. Our society is more liable to blame people for eating bad foods for 20 years without looking at why the person ate bad foods. A working single mom may not have 45 minutes and the extra money in the evening to prepare a healthy meal for her family. A person living on a small budget or on food stamps has to buy filling foods in large qualities instead of focusing on a healthy balance. People living without health insurance cannot afford to go to the doctor for any preventative medical care. This can allow treatable conditions to get worse as time goes on to the point where something that could have been treated just goes unnoticed. These are the realities of our modern lifestyle for many people. I think part of our problem is a lack of proper nutritional understanding and education. One week you read eggs are good for you, the next week they are bad, and then good again. Next thing you know they are tainted with salmonella and you shouldn’t eat them again. I do not believe we fully understand the human body or what is healthy and unhealthy. When the scientists who study these things do not know for sure, how can the general population understand what is good and what is not. There are several fad
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