Health And Wellness Essay

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After taking the wellness test both times my results both came back pretty much the same my score as a little higher the first time that I took it, which reflects my stress level very accurately, at the beginning of the semester I was stress free, and very happy, and now at the end of the semester I am more stressed, the first time I took the wellness test my score was a 698 and the second time that I took the test which was on December, 5th I scored a 645. Being stressed at the end of the semester is pretty much normal for me because of the fact that its crunch time for me to bring up my grades because of the fact that I start slacking during the middle of the semester, and I’m worried about deadlines and other things of that nature, ways that I have tried to prevent this stress from accruing throughout the semester is to make it a point not to procrastinate. I am a big procrastinator and I do a lot of things at the last minute, I also try to study for my up coming exams and quizzes a little bit at a time, by studying a little bit everyday, and making sure I stay on top of things as I should as well as communicating with my professors, the attempt I made towards not getting stressed over my classes was somewhat unsuccessful, because I still ended up becoming more stressed than I was at the beginning of the semester. But in some ways it was successful because I’m not as stressed as I have been in the past during prior ending semesters. Other things that I have been stressed about during the semester is loosing weight, problems with men, and worrying about the health of my parents, also not being able to have things the way I want them to be. Prior to the beginning of the semester over the summer, I had worked hard to get myself together and work on my mental well being as well as my weight loss, during the beginning of the semester I kept everything up

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