Health and Wellness Essay

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wellness philosophy Part A: Personal Wellness Philosophy Wellness, to me, has a dynamic and constantly changing definition. I define wellness as a state where I am not stressed so much in any one part of my life that it begins to negatively affect others. It is a state that involves awareness of how balanced or unbalanced parts of my life are and if that imbalance is causing more stress than is tolerable. Fitness and health are integral parts of wellness because feeling strong, capable and free of pain is vital to every other part of life. Fitness is a large part of wellness for me for so many reasons one of them being that to accomplish any kind of fitness goal, it takes so much commitment to stick with a regimen in order to achieve fitness goals. Once these goals are met, self-esteem is likely to increase, which goes on to benefit the intellectual and emotional components of wellness. Overall health is vital to all of the components of wellness-- if one is not physically well, they probably don’t have the energy to put much effort into much else. The seven components of wellness we discussed in class are social, emotional, occupational, environmental, spiritual, intellectual and physical. The components that affect me the most are physical, social, intellectual and emotional, although one could argue that all of them are interrelated and affect one another therefore being equally important. I tend to experience the world most through physical movement: I work as a personal trainer, my hobbies are cycling and weightlifting, I’m pursuing a degree in kinesiology and my bicycle is my primary mode of transportation. When I feel physically fit, strong and challenged, every other part of my life seems to feel more ok and manageable. My mood and emotions are heavily dependent on how I feel physically, so I am extra sensitive to when I’m feeling run-down or

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