Health and Social L3

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Outcome 1 : Understand what is required for competence in own work role. 1;1 Describe the duties and responabilities of own work role. I work in a resettlement 3rd stage aftercare setting, which provides continued support for clients after they have finished therapeutic treatment. We also provide supported housing for clients in the local area, or are processed though different service providers, out of area referral agencies whom want 3rd stage follow on care. After the client has been booked in by a member of staff, we provide the client with a care plan, which is revised monthly. My duties consist of daily support by phone check in’s or one to one consultation. I take money for rent and bill top up, and record this by paper file and petty cash p.c. file. If a client is in need of extra support I mentor and support the client though there needs. We provide after care on a range of subjects, where we discuss and process saturations that arise. I facility house meetings, where house maintenance issues are recorded, staff and client concerns are discussed. Answer the phone and recording messages, liaising with members of staff, booking in one to one appointment, and providing information for clients providing help and guidance. I carry out health and safety checks, which also make sure the clients, are using the properties correctly and cleanliness is recorded. Fire checks are recorded and evacuations are timed. My responsibilities include boundaries with the clients and responsible behaviour. Provide a professional service to clients and be respectful to their needs. We have team planning and processing meetings, client reviews and process regularly. My role can also be described in simple terms. I am there to support the needs of others care for individuals and provide a safe environment continued support. 1;2 Explain expectations about own work role as
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