Health and Social Care - Unit 1 First Assignment Essay

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Communication is the exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and expression of emotion whether it is verbal, non-verbal or written. I am now going to explain the roles and importance of effective communication and interpersonal interaction shared between service providers and service users. The role of communication is to send and receive messages – the message being sent will be the whole purpose of the conversation. To carry on this conversation it is important that the person you’re talking to understands what you are saying in order to give an appropriate response. There are many different ways in which to communicate, some of them being: speaking, texting, emailing, writing, using objects of reference; signs and symbols. Communication always has its barriers, but it is important to know how to overcome them barriers to make ones communication effective. The basic ways of overcoming barriers are: adapting to the environment you’re in; considering one another’s body language to have a clearer understanding of ones emotions or use human aids of a way of interaction. There are different ways of making communication effective; one of which would be being an active listener. Active listening is a simple thing to do when talking to someone – this may include things like holding eye contact with the person you’re talking to. Holding eye contact with someone is one of the easiest ways of showing respect; by doing this, the person you’re talking to will feel more relaxed when talking to you and may feel as if you are of a mutual understanding. Another way of being an active listener is by showing that you’re actually listening and understand what the person you are talking to is saying. You can do this by doing simple things such as nodding your head and smiling at the person you’re having a conversation with. This makes communication effective as it makes the

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