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-Unit 1 P1 – Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in Health and Social Care context Contexts of Communication • 1:1 Communication One to one communication is where you start a conversation with another person. An example of this is with a doctor speaking with his patient in confidence. • Group Communication Is where a group of two or more people are having a conversation. For example friends in a social setting or work colleagues in a meeting or staff room • Informal Communication This is with people we know and can be social for example with family and friends or colleagues at work discussing non work related subjects. • Formal Communication This takes place as part of business, work, training and education. It is often between people that don’t know each other, and is usually happening for a particular reason. E.g. health and social care receptionists, consultations, interviews and training sessions. • Communication between colleagues This can be either formal or informal and is between two people who work together e.g. two nurses discussing a patient’s treatment (formal) or two nurses in a staffroom talking about their holiday (informal) • Communication between professional people and people using services - This is where professional people such as doctors and nurses sometimes work within their own dedicated language community. A language community is a group of people that have developed their own special ways of interacting and this sets them apart from other groups of people, professional people are normally aware that they need to translate their technical language
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