Health and Social Care Unit 301

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Assignment 301 Ai. Four reasons why people communicate could be: to reassure someone, to relay information, to express a feeling or to encourage somebody. Aii. There are many ways in which effective communication can affect relationships in an adult social care setting between the individuals using the service and the care workers. If an individual using the service expresses there needs clearly and accurately it can help build up a better understanding between them and the care worker as they can attend to the individuals needs easier. Good communication (written and verbal) could help reduce the risk of mistakes and accidents. For example if a hoist is faulty it should be reported both verbally and in writing so colleagues know not to use it to avoid injuries to the individuals. In relaying this information it also helps to build up trust between team members as well as reducing the risk of accidents. Aiii. METHOD HOW EFFECTIVE IS THIS METHOD Through observing: As a care worker it is important to watch the individual to develop an understanding as to whether or not the individual has a mental illness, hearing problem or visual impairment. This is an effective method because by watching them you can discover how they can communicate but it’s not always the best solution as the individual could have, for example, a urine infection which could affect their communication skills temporarily while they have the illness. Read the individuals care plan: The care plan should have up to date information regarding all of the individuals needs therefore by reading their care plan you should be able to understand their communication and language needs and be able to use the correct techniques when communicating to the individual. This is an effective
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