Health and Social Care Unit 2 P1

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Keywords Equality This states that whatever opportunities are presented to one party or group of peoples that the sae opportunities be offered to the rest of the people as well. In terms of health and social care this means people must receive the same quality of health care as everyone else. Equity This is when fairness and justice is shown in the system. In health and social care this would mean quality services from care and hospitals whether or not they live in a good area or they have less money than the next person. Diversity This is when differences between peoples are accepted, and everyone is given respect for the values and beliefs they hold in society Rights These are the legal entitlements we have in society and an example would be the right to live in a society without any abuse being shown because of their gender differences. Opportunity This means everyone has similar chances in the various jobs they do. For example talking to the clients in a hospital. Overt Discrimination This is when discrimination is clearly shown openly. In health and social care terms would be they pay someone gets is more, or less, due to the gender group they belong to. Covert Discrimination This is when the discrimination is more hidden and harder to find and demonstrate. For example in a health and social care environment, if a person applies for a job someone else may be left out from nomination because of their skin colour, or gender, but this can never be proved as the discrimination is very discrete. Stereotyping This is when a judgement is made because of prejudgements made, or the colour of their skins. For example fat people are mostly going to lazy. When this is shown in health and social care it may be quite dangerous as the discrimination could lead to harm in the health work place as well as being illegal Labelling This is another

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