Health and Social Care Unit 2 D1

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Unit 2, equality, diversity and rights in health and social care D1- Evaluate the influence of a recent initiative in promoting anti-discriminatory practice. Like everything the disability discrimination act has its positive out comes and its negatives. Some of the positives that come out of the disability discrimination act has it that it ensures that people with disabilities have a civil right that will protect from form any form of discrimination because of there disability. From this it will then encourage other organisations and health authorities to overcome any barriers that they have with people who have disabilities and make the adjustments so the individual with the disabilities can fully access the establishment. Another positive that comes out of the disability act is that one of its aims is to give an equal opportunity for people who have a disability, this will then be getting rid of any discrimination towards them on a whole. One of the main positives about this act is that it states that all public bodies must promote disability equality by producing an action plan that will in detail explain how they will fulfil their duties and monitor there progress annually. Also universities and colleges must make reasonable changes to their premises so that is more user-friendly for anyone who has a disability and wants to access the site. All of these positives help to promote anit discriminatory practise as it makes sure that anyone who has a disability is treated fairly and equally just like an able bodied individual. This will then ensure that the individual will have easy access to public buildings and be able apply for a job without any prejudice, this would mean that they are treated the same as everyone else who is attending. I think that this act is successful as it enables the individual who may have disabilities to be
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