Evaluate The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Multi-Agency Working In Health And Social Care

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D2- In this task I will evaluate the effectiveness of how multidisciplinary work for patients, I will state what the multidisciplinary and it’s strengths and weaknesses. I will also looking look at a MDT who work within the health and social care setting and state how this MDT is helping its patients. Multi-agency working is the bringing together of different professionals who work together, providing their own service and sharing their information. There are many benefits of multi-agency working which includes: information sharing; sharing of skills, knowledge and expertise; the fostering of shared decision-making, shared ownership and shared responsibility particularly in drawing up joint procedures and strategies. Strengths and weakness of multidisciplinary for service users Now I will talk about what I think are the weakness and strength of the multidisciplinary team MDT. One strength of multidisciplinary for the service users is that they get to have the best health care services as they have professionals from various backgrounds working with them. Having different professionals who are there to…show more content…
Also meeting a whole team of professionals can be very overwhelming especially for in cases like this and also it will be very hard for the patients and some members of the team to really connect and develop and trusting relationships. I think it would be easy if patients only meet the people they would really be working with, this way they will be able to really see who is who and who will be doing what, I think that this way relationship can be formed. However they is also the issue that some patient’s may feel comfortable working with some team members if they ever happens they have the rights to ask for another person which they feel comfortable

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