Diabetic Clinic Essay

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There are strengths and weakness of the diabetic clinic that Ann attended. If Ann does attend she is able to keep her diabetes at a low level her health will be improved. She will need less care with in her care plan. The more that Ann keeps her diabetes controlled the less dependent she will be. Due to the fact that she is being monitored and no further NHS actions are need such as a leg amputation the NHS will save money and it can be used on those that need it. Again as she is constantly being monitored and if her diabetes spirals out of control she is able to solve the issue before it gets too late There are also some weakness of the clinic that Ann attended. As she is not attending anymore therefore they are unable to monitor and keep…show more content…
Informal care is care given to those who know the person personally such as a friend or a family member. It is usually not paid work however some can be paid work. There are some possible benefits to the Ann and also the formal and informal carer when being involved in her care plan. The formal carer are able to meet more needs of Ann as they are more qualified and they know what they are doing. They will also have more medical knowledge on diabetes and they know what Ann will need with in certain situations. A informal carer will be able to help Ann with her personal care as she may feel more comfortable being with someone she knows. Ann is also able to discuss any concerns she may have with her health and they can then tell the formal carer so therefore Ann needs can then be addressed more. Ann may feel more comfortable talking to someone she knows about her health rather than someone she in unfamiliar. An informal carer is able to gain more knowledge of type 2 diabetes. The informal carer can encourage the formal carers to communicate more with each other and work as a multi-disciplinary team. As Ann doesn’t attend to any of her appointments as she feels that it is pointless the formal carers can work together and they can use way to persuade Ann to work with them and help her condition. They could do this by expressing
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