Health and Social Care Unit 1 Essay

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Environment The environment we live in can influence our communication and how comfortable we are interacting with others. The more comfortable someone is in an environment the better they send and receive message. Whereas, communication can be affected by the environment that people find themselves in. For example, someone who does not see very well will struggle to read written information in a dimly lit room. To reduce this barrier they can find out the disability about this person and provide human aids such as a mentor which can help them read and guide information. However this aspect is not always available to everyone and they cost money. A person who is in a wheelchair may find it impossible to communicate with a receptionist at the GP is the desk is too high and above the wheelchair user’s head. Patients, service users and staff alike have all rights. They have a right to access services when they need them and to be treated fairly and lawfully. In the UK today, as a member of society you have a right to free medical treatment on the NHS. Also, to develop communication and meet people’s needs care value bases would be put in place to especially individualised care. Such as, make the desk lower so people with disabilities can communicate. An area that is at a comfortable temperature, private and free from noise and other distractions is suitable, whereas an area where there is noise or a lack of comfort or privacy may create tension and confusion, making effective communication difficult. It is very hard to hear what someone is saying if there is a lot of background noise. It is also very difficult to make sense of other people’s facial expressions if you can’t see their faces properly due to poor lighting. Rooms with awkward seating positions might mean that a group of people cannot see each other comfortably. People sometimes feel comfortable if they

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