Health and Social Care, Unit 1 Effective Communication Essay

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P3 There are many barriers which can effect communication and interpersonal interactions. Barriers are something which gets in the way or stops another thing from happening in this case it would stop communication which can be verbal and written. Many things can disrupt communication, for example teenagers who are having conversation with an adult like there teacher or grandparent, they tend to use a lot of slang because they use a lot of slang when around friends and adults may not understand some abbreviations. Another barrier which can disrupt communication is if a service user is blind or deaf, which means they won’t be able to receive the message which is being sent which can break done the communication. Stereotyping people can also break down communication because if you judge someone for example a teenage girl because she is pregnant so young you could ignore things she is saying because you think she knows nothing for getting pregnant at such a young age. Another communication barrier could be written communication because if people can only communicate to long distance relatives via letters and once they receive there letter they may not be able to read the hand writing so they may not understand the message or even misunderstand the message and reply back the wrong thing. One major communication barrier which happens all over the world is people’s accents. When people who are from Scotland and they come to London for a holiday some people may not understand certain things they are saying due to their strong accent and also they may not understand some of the terminology they use too as they say wee which means little, this is clear communication barrier. P4&M1 Environmental noise can be an issue which can be a barrier in communication because if you were in a classroom and there is major building work going outside, this can then go on to
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