Health and Social Care Unit 1 P1

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P1 Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context. Informal communication When we use informal communication, it is normally when we are communicating with friends colleagues and also family. When using informal language it can sometimes make it harder to communicate and understand. For example when people are texting or even talking or on a chat forums. A lot of people might use this kind of language through arguments or debates. The meaning of context is the different places in which communication can take place in. Informal communication is the way that you would communicate or talk to someone you knows really well. Sometimes you may use words that other people won’t understand with family members or friends. Just like in certain areas or communities there might be a certain way that the people from there would talk, for example someone in the south of England might say ‘hey mate how’s it going?’ this might not be seen as a welcoming thing in a different community. Certain people wouldn’t be able to understand certain informal words so that is why you sometimes have to adjust your use of language. I observed an informal interaction between two 4 year olds, who were playing in the house area. During their role play they were pretending to be a doctor at a doctors surgery, however the language they were using was not what would be expected in a realistic situation. One of them told the other “here’s a special drink, it tastes nice and it’ll make you feel better”. This shows that they have an understanding of the communication cycle that would occur between a doctor and a patient but in an informal way using language they understood. Formal communication In health and social care settings formal communication is needed because there will be different people that you will have to communicate with
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