Health and Social Care Nvq2 Essay

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[pic][pic] [pic] THEATRE & PERFORMANCE Year Two THPF 234 CRAFTING THEATRE 60 Credits Module Leader: Dr. John Matthews Tutors: John Matthews Fumiaki Tanaka This 60 credit module is designed to give you an in-depth experience of a particular style of 20th century performance and will also include present day influences. Through an exploration of your chosen genre you will begin to understand the particular tenets of that style. Through a tutor-led programme you will then apply these stylistic influences to the development of your own performance piece. This performance will be performed in March 2011. The weekly sessions will be tutor led, with an emphasis on developing your understanding of the genre. Specific performance skills will also be introduced to effectively explore the features of the style. CONTENT You will be required to research areas relevant of your chosen style with set weekly reading tasks. You will be required to form a small study group (approx 4 students per group), and in this group discuss the allocated reading before the next session. During the session each group will present and discuss their responses to the reading task. The concept of ‘praxis’ - the process of enacting a theory or idea - is fundamental to this course. Your practical work will be informed by your reading, leading to a fuller understanding of the theories explored and their practical applications. During the second term a performance in the style of your genre will be created, drawing on your developing practical and theoretical understandings and the whole group’s particular interests and skills. You will be expected to keep a portfolio of your process from the beginning of the module. This will include your research, an analysis of your process and reading, culminating in an on-going documentation of the crafting of your

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