Health and Social Care Level3 Cu1532

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1.1 Definition of Equality • Inequality exists and that discrimination needs to be tackled • Employment and services should be accessible to all • Everyone should be treated fairly • Everyone has individual needs and the right to have those needs respected Equality is about fair treatment Definition of Diversity • Diversity recognises that: • experiences, styles, perceptions, values and beliefs” • Everybody is different – where there are two people there is diversity • We need to understand, value, and respect those differences Diversity is about respecting difference Definition of Inclusion • Inclusion is a human right for every individual. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, and disability, medical or other need, culture, age, religion and sexual orientation. It is about giving equal access and opportunities and getting rid of discrimination and intolerance. 1.2 Potential effects of Discrimination • causing upset • affecting an individual’s self-esteem • causing stress • individuals feeling isolated • affecting individuals’ hopes and expectations • creating tensions • leading to stereotyping • leading to labelling • producing prejudices 1.3 Inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity. • Actively and fully involving the individual • Respecting the individual • Valuing the individual • Recognising that we are all different and from different backgrounds. 2.1 Legislation • Equality Act 2010 • Establish the Commission for Equality and Human Rights • Make discrimination unlawful • Create a duty on public authorities to promote equality of opportunity between men and women and the prevention of sex discrimination Human rights act 1988 • The right to life • Freedom from degrading treatment • Freedom of thought ,religion and freedom to express your beliefs • The

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