Health and Social Care Level 5

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3.3 Agree with supervisee confidentiality, boundaries, role and accountability within the professional supervision process All staff sign the confidentiality agreement which works both ways, for both employee and employers. Anything which is said to an employee in a supervision is not to be repeated to any other member of staff. Unless it is something that can be used as any example for other staff, this would then be used without mentioning the supervisee’s name or any details which may identify them. The confidentiality and the role of the supervisee sets the boundaries and accountability within the professional supervision. Each employee is given a full job description when they are first employed, and then after their first 6 weeks they undergo a supervision, which enforces their responsibility within their full job description. By going through the job description we are able to establish whether the employee is fulfilling their role and taking responsibility for their own duties and actions. This to give the opportunity for me to ensure that they know they what is expected and to set the standard of quality which is required. In the professional supervision we then know that the duties and responsibilities have been highlighted and all issues regarding them have been dealt with or are being dealt with. The supervisee is made aware that their information it confidential other than what may be used for training or improvement purposes only and that their name and identity will be classified and confidential. Although the manager encourages free speech and airing of views, we would like everyone to keep it professional and not use it as a gossip moment, or to plot and plan against other staff members or management. It has a purpose and that is to improve the supervisee and air their issues or problems as long as they know their boundaries which may be

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