Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 8 Infection Control P1

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Infection Control About Infection Control Infection control is about controlling the spread of communicable diseases between people. Some of the individuals you support will be particularly vulnerable to infection and this means you need to be extra careful. Routes For Infection To Enter In order to spread infection there would need to be a source, a host, a means of transmission and an entry point. * The source could be a person or the surroundings. * A host is the person at risk. * Transmission could be through contact with another person, equipment, food, drink or pests. * The point of entry could be through breathing, eating, drinking, cuts, wounds or medical procedures like catheters and…show more content…
Some individuals you support will have a low immune system which means they are more vulnerable to becoming ill. This also means that they could suffer for much longer and their illness could be more serious, particularly if this adds and complicates other medication, conditions or illness they are suffering from. If a stomach bug is introduced to a nursing/residential care home it can quickly spread between residents and staff. This could then result in staff sickness absence and individuals needing and increase level of support which can be upsetting for individuals. Staff should be off work for at least 72 hours and the home will be shut to visitors until all individuals have been given the all clear. It is vital that you are aware of the importance of limiting the control of infection. Here are some basic rules: * Wash yourself and your hair regularly and tie long hair back * Do not wear personal jewellery * Keep your clothes and shoes clean * Do not go to work if you have a health problem, that can be passed on to others * Wash your hands regularly and always before and after undertaking personal
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