Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 1 Understand Employment Responsibilities And Rights

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Unit 1- understand employment responsibilities and rights. 1.1 The aspects of employment covered by law are in many and varied way such as: health and safety pay; working hours and conditions equality; discrimination; redundancy and dismissal; training; disciplinary procedures. There are some of aspects of employment: * The right to pay maternity leaver * The right to time off for study or training for 16-17 year olds. Thus applies from the day the employee starts work. * The right to as for flexible working to care for children or adult dependents. * The right under health and safety law to work a maximum 48 hours working week. This applies from the day employee start work. * The right to ask for flexible working. * The right to claim compensation if unfairly dismissed. * The right not to be…show more content…
3.1 As a care worker my role in the service is to look after individual that I am supporting with care. E.g. they care clean, rested, fed and I must arrange or attending appointment if necessary. I must follow the therapy regimes or treatment set by them. 3.2 The effect of own role on service provision should be following good practice and consequences of non complicit. 3.3 This may include reference to relevant codes of practice, national occupational standards in my area of work. 3.4 The main roles and responsibilities or representative bodies that influence the wider factor are: * Government departments * Professional bodies * Trade unions * Regulatory bodies etc 4.1 The different types of occupational opportunities are: * Home care manager * Nurse * Social worker * Occupational therapist etc * Gaining qualifications. 4.2 The sources of information related to a chosen career pathway I can find it: * In my college * NHS
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