Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 8 P2

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P2 – Act 1 health and safety at work Employers should have the responsibility to make sure their employees are safe. The health and safety act is a responsibility employers have to their workers. This act is a legislation that prevents accidents happening in the work place. Employers must train their employees and make sure that the area is safe and that the employees can work in. the employees must have the chance to express any health and safety concerns they have so that the employers can ease the problem. The employers must report any injuries so they can avoid problems that could happen in the future. Employers must make sure that they give the employees some break. health and social care settings is the food safety Another legislation that promotes health and safety in health and social care settings is the food safety act 1990 and 1995. This act covers everyone that deals with food. They protect the consumer from illness relating to poor hygiene off the food they have just bought. Chef at a restaurant should make sure that the area that he is working in is clean and hygienic and he must make sure that personal hygiene must be maintained. The chef should also make sure all foods are cooked properly and they must make sure that uncooked…show more content…
The employees must make sure that they have equipment and that they are trained for their job, they must make sure that the facility is safe. The most important thing is that they must make sure that the equipment is child safe. Care providers are inspected to see if they are following these regulations and if the inspector gives negative reports on the regulations the care provider should be following, and then the care provider will face consequences such as less people wanting to use your service, which means no income and would eventually lead to the service getting
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