Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 2 P2

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P2:t show what is not acceptable and what is acceptable, looking back at the morals of society. This is to make sure that people respect their individual rights and that people are given the correct and all the information that they need, also to participate voluntarily. There are many ethical issues, the one issue that should be respected and taken into consideration the most is their feelings and rights about the whole process. When asking the questions in the research, make sure that the individual is comfortable and respected in every way so that they will have confidence and answer the questions truthfully. For example if a person is in an abusive relationship isn’t asked an appropriate question this may lead them to feel uncomfortable in answering the question and…show more content…
Also individuals must go through all the ethical issues and decide whether they would still like to participate in the research. The patients must get all information that they need about the research so that they are confident and not forced into taking part. The National Health Services must put all the ethics to guard the people who are taking part’s rights, so the researcher must have ethical permission before doing any research. No one should be forced in doing this until they confirm that they want to take part. In conclusion all the ethical issues that take place in health and social care practises to outline how research should be has been stated and explained in details above. Reference : The information i have used for this task is from the Health and Social Care Level 3 Book 1. Page 408 – 440, Beryl Stretch Mary Whitehouse. Published 2010. Website:

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