Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 4 Learning Styles

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HOW WE LEARN? What is Honey and Mumford? Peter Honey and Alan Mumford developed the learning styles based on Kolb and they acknowledged four learning styles which are the Activist, Theorist, Reflector and Pragmatist. They believe and explain that each learner has their own learning style. Activists are the type of learners that prefers to learn by doing it practically. Theorists are the ones who plan out their actions carefully first. Reflectors learn best by watching first and then do it. Pragmatists learn best by planning first before taking action. What is Kolb? Kolb helps us to understand ways in which people learn. David Kolb has well-defined one…show more content…
Not keeping track of the time will cause you rushing your work so you can’t fully show them what your capable of, missing deadlines and it will also cause you to have sleepless nights due to rushing a coursework that you might need to hand in the next day. Keeping track of your time and due dates are very essential in your learning, you can create your own timetable and fill in your daily schedules so you can manage your social life around your studying or if you have any hobbies then you can also fit it in your daily life as long as your time is managed and organised with your research or study time. You must also have a clock in the room that you study in to keep check of the time. You need a good sleep so you can learn better the next day and you also need to have lots of time in your hand so you don’t have to rush your work piece and therefore you can expand your…show more content…
By eating 5 fruits and vegetables a day would work and also drinking enough water or liquid in the day. Always start your day with a good healthy breakfast. Eating your breakfast will not just fill you up but also prepares your brain and body to work for the day. Getting enough sleep is a massive health to being healthy, who can study when they didn’t have enough sleep? Pushing yourself isn’t so good when you don’t get enough vitamins, nutrients or sleep because it can really get you ill and then you wouldn’t be able to study or learn at all. There are certain foods that calm your emotions and relax your mind to help you concentrate

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