Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 1 Episode 1

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CONTENTS Introduction P3 Learning Theory: Episode 1 P4 Episode 2 P5 Episode 3 P6 Language P8 Support P10 Internal & External Factors P13 Conclusion P15 Bibliography P16 Appendices P17 INTRODUCTION The Claxton quote provided as a basis for this document serves to highlight the importance of a teacher’s development as well as pupils’ development. It could be argued that this is because, for the period of time in which a lesson takes place, the two are almost inextricably linked. As a teacher develops more their pupils will develop more, as they will be able to add more to the teaching experience. An expanded knowledge and comprehension of the teaching methods as well as the subject to be taught could also allow classes to be taught in different, more effective ways (tailoring the delivery to suit both individual and class needs). It can be argued that communication is the very bedrock of any education, as without it a school would simply be a collection of isolated individuals. From a teacher’s point of view, simply “knowing” is not enough. The ability to effectively communicate this knowledge to a pupil or indeed to a class as…show more content…
The frequent use of colloquialism, some of which were unfamiliar represented another linguistic challenge. It was necessary to set many pupils minds at ease in relation to their speech, as many were not confident in providing written or spoken answers in case the level of language was criticised by their peers or the teacher. It was possible in some circumstances to motivate them by explaining that “I was after the answer, not a bunch of long and pretty words”. By floating this idea in a humorous way the author was able to urge some students to be more
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