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Quals Direct Knowledge Task Generated on 15/07/2015 365 Understand the process and experience of dementia Amanda Kirschnick 29/06/2015 at 21:51 1 1.1 - describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome Memory loss sufficient to disrupt daily life, such as forgetting recently learned information, important dates or events, asking for the same information over and over, relying more and more on memory aides or family members. Problem-solving difficulties, An inability to follow plans, work with numbers, follow recipes, or keep track of bills. Trouble completing familiar daily tasks, Driving to a familiar location, remembering rules to a game, completing assignments at work. Confusion over time or place, Losing track of dates and seasons, or forgetting where you are or how you got there. Difficulty understanding visual images, Trouble reading, judging distances, colors, or contrast, or recognizing your own reflection. Problems with spoken or written words, Difficulties following a conversation, finding the right word, or calling things by the wrong name. Misplacing things, Putting things in unusual places, unable to retrace steps, accusing others of stealing. Poor judgment, Decline in decision making, giving away large sums of money, paying less attention to personal grooming. Withdrawal from work or social activities, Trouble remembering how to complete a work project or favorite hobby, avoiding sports or social events. Changes in mood, Becoming confused, depressed, suspicious, fearful, or anxious. Easily upset when out of comfort zone. 2 1.2 - describe the types of memory impairment commonly experienced by individuals with dementia People with Dementia lose their memory of day to day things but still remember things from their past. As the disease gradually gets worse individuals start to forget about their personal hygiene, personal

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