Health and Social Care Level 3 Unit 10

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* Outline why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families (P1) * Looked after children There are a variety of different reasons as to why children may be looked after by people other than their own family, the reasons as to why the child (ren) may be look after may include family breakdown, bereavement, parental illness or an incapacity of some kind. They may also be looked after because of behavioural problems or the child’s own illness. A reason that a child may become looked after may be following the imposition of a care order. It’s the duty of every local authority to consider the welfare of every child, the Child Act (1989 and 2004) tries to make sure that children are supported and they are kept in a family home if it is possible. Alternatively, if a child has to live away from home for a certain reason and that he or she is looked after by a local authority, it would mean that the child is looked after. Some of the children that are put into a situation like this may be because they have multiple behavioural problems and it may sometimes require individual support and care. Often there are times when a care order will need to be imposed to benefit the child and the family, therefore the social services, under local authority will have the responsibility of taking care of the child or young person and also making appropriate decisions for them. Moreover, every local authority has to make an effort to make sure that an appropriate place is found for the child or young person that will need to be looked after for the length of time that is needed. The goal of this is to return the child eventually to his or her family, but this isn’t always possible and there are a lot of cases were a substitute family is needed, or the child may have reached the age where they can live independently. Moreover, a child may become
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